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Data Portability was a session at IndieWebCamp NYC 2018.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/dataportability

IndieWebCamp NYC 2018
Session: dataportability
When: 2018-09-28 15:05



  • Data Liberation Front from Google launched Takeout in 2008
    • wants to add service to to service transer
    • gather input

Data Transfer Project

  • Use Cases
    • discovers new service wants to import
    • user wants to stop and wants their data
    • transfer between download and upload
    • many more
    • these use cases are after the fact , why not start from our sites to our servies
    • I want to use services like Google photo recognition but not store my photos of Google
    • Not just export, but on the import. All of the use cases are after the fact, portability can start at publish from my site.
      • Google treats the photo as a copy and knows it is originally on our websites
      • micropub would allow for greater portability
    • sync between services
  • Ability to have Creative Commons or other licensing to follow the content along
    • If I put a video on YouTube with a CC-By license (an option) no one can actually remix and adapt because downloading the video may violate YouTube's ToS.
  • What is data transfer project
    • connect any two online services
    • enable user data transfer
  • Example
    • Twitter photos
    • SmugMug/Flickr
    • email to email
  • Prototype
    • Google Dashboard (not production) will have a data transfer button
    • the metadata and media came on
    • there is a white paper
  • Questions
    • what about comments
    • not sure what is in the common model

Ryan Barrett really wants comments in data transfer project. Re: comment ownership, legalities, etc mentioned:

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