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Learn microformats by Fixing micro.blog was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/mfmicro

IndieWebCamp Austin 2020
Session: Learn microformats by Fixing micro.blog
When: 2020-02-22 14:45



Looking at manton-test.micro.blog:

Aaron Parecki: one of the first things he does when he wants to verify microformats is one of the parsers on microformats.io.

  • Easier to see the parsed result than look through the source HTML
    • Does everything you expect to be parsed show up? Does anything appear that you didn't expect?

In the example post we're parsing, no author information showed up

  • Does the author name appear visually anywhere on the current page? No.

https://microformats.io/ has several mf2 parsers you can use to parse a page with microformats, and show JSON of the information it finds

https://monocle.p3k.io/preview: another tool to use which does mf2 parsing and re-rendering, so we can confirm author information is not in mf2 in this instance

authorship has sections for authorship on individual posts and streams of posts. We want streams of posts.

  • you can put the author in the h-feed
  • you can also put author informatoin inside each h-entry
  • you can also have an h-card outside of the h-feed

Manton Reece is going to do live updates to his theme!

  • added class=h-card to the existing name link in his page header, this is outside the h-feed
  • updated list template file and added empty link
    • and now it works in Monocle Preview

Tantek Çelik: we should link to the Monocle preview from indiewebify.me results. Github issue: https://github.com/indieweb/indiewebify-me/issues/83

Brief reflections on my Greg McVerry testing and working on micro.blog themes

  • https://indieweb.org/Micro.blog#Themes My notes, don't know if currebt
  • Each theme needs to be tested. Each Hugo theme puts the author in different places so you need to work on the h-card and author
  • I install each theme, make the edits, then do a note, photo, article, and article with a photo, did not test any featured images
  • Themes were putting u-photo on all images
  • Hard part of testing was on the installing and posting using each theme variety
  • Was work intensive
  • Happy to work with people on testing the themes
  • Other issue many people install hugo themes from everywhere
    • I recommend keeping a repo of HUGO themes (after default themes fixed) where we know the mf2 proper
  • People deleted a lot of microformats after they begin to customize CSS of their themes
    • Not sure tutorial we pin in FAC and the design and code channels
  • I got the shirt I am wearing today for fixing micro.blog themes (Hacktober challenge)

https://indiewebify.me/ has tools for validating your h-card, or your h-entry

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