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All Things Photos was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/photos

IndieWebCamp Austin 2020
Session: All Things Photos - taking, curating, editing, posting, limited sharing, etc.
When: 2020-02-22 16:15



Tantek Çelik: People spend a lot of time posting and viewing photos. People even like staying on Instagram over Facebook, as Natalie said this morning. How many people regular post photos? Most hands raised. What are our experiences? Tantek Çelik: Takes a lot, does not post immediately, necessarily, trying to be present. Curation is a downtime task. Favorite photos worthy of publishing. Crop and rotate is next step. Chooses a best photo of the day, caption with the story behind the photo, may add additional photos.

Question: Do you keep multiple photos? Maybe, depending on the content, but typically no.

Dave Millar: Taco blog photos. Currently trying out Activity Pub-based Pixelfed.

Aaron Parecki: process is not as complicated as Tantek

  • Mostly takes photos on phone
  • Started editing in Lightroom on phone instead of Photos app
  • Has a handful of corrections: takes out yellows, take out some orange, color shift/balance between yellow/blue to make it look "better", some geometry functions to make lines straight.
  • Once happy in Lightroom, export it back to Photos app, then it's ready to post
  • When he's ready to post he usually will right away
  • Now that he's not using Instagram, posts via Quill
  • Doesn't usually write a lot of text.
  • Will sometimes add photos to a checkin (Swarm), often later not at the time of checkin

Brian Schrader

  • 90% of photos on phone, rest with a digital camera
  • If he doesn't immediately hate a photo he's taken on his phone, he'll favorite it and post it
  • Occasionally will wait to post it later, to be present in the moment
  • When he comes back, if he still doesn't hate it, he'll post right away with Pine.blog
  • With his camera, opens photos in RAW editor and batch edits. Then moves into Acorn, exports web versions

Aaron Parecki Question: what about resizing? Aaron uploads them full size, but his server resizes. Brian: Optimizes for fast loading

Tantek Çelik Comment: Favorites is a queue for publishing, unfavorites them after publishing

Tantek Çelik Reason for documenting our workflows: software and tools assume a specific workflow.

Brian: Is this a photo with a caption, or a blog post with photos? If I only could see the photos or only see the text, would the post still communicate something?

Manton Reece: The IndieWeb could provide an Instagram alternative, considering that people don't want to quit Instagram, even if they dislike Facebook.

Aaron Parecki: you have to look at what people like about instagram and why they use it in order to know how to give them an alternative

Tantek Çelik: People like posting to instagram because of the context the photos appear in: mixed with other photos, and they can appear without text. Compared to posting photos on Twitter where they will be displayed interspersed with other non-photo posts.

Brian: I have told photographer friends to start blogs so they don't post them on Facebook, but they always come back to me and say "What should I write?" I answer "You don't have to write anything. Just the photos." "But Brian, there's a text field to fill in." UI, design of information request forms, is so important whether users adopt a new platform.

Tantek Çelik The answer should be "you don't have to add anything." Once Instagram added ability to edit information afterwards, the pressure is off--post a photo, and then later you can add a caption, hashtags, whatever. Less friction for the user.

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