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IndieWebCamp Create Day 2020-12-25


Note what timezone you are participating in.

  • David Shanske GMT-5
    • Working on an Update to the Refbacks Plugin first - Completed
    • GWG's Mobile Setup https://david.shanske.com/2020/02/08/3253/
    • Changed background color of website from black to blue.
    • Built redirect for /onthisday to the current day. Previously you had to specify day /onthisday/12/25
    • Built On This Day Widget for sidebar
    • Added archive for on this day and type of post, so can reproduce On This Day in photos
    • Uploaded from the archives events of 2009-06-28. Just because.
    • Updated personal site privacy policy.
  • Dmitri Shuralyov GMT-5
    • Setup personal website deplyoment to work from M1 Mac (this means making some updates and paying off some code debt ...)
   - ✅ start building in module mode
   - ✅ copy modules with local modifications, use local replace directives as a first step
   - ✅ get tests to pass (proof = 103141648-3795d500-46c5-11eb-8e8f-096de1f89131.png )
   - ✅ update various uses of importPathToDir helper to be compatible with module mode
   - [for another day] fix use of vfsgendev to be compatible with module mode, so that go generate works
   - [later] clean up and upstream local graphql patches
   - ✅ port few remaining pages to WebAssembly; remove dependency on GopherJS (because it only supports Go 1.11, but I need 1.16 for darwin/arm64 support)
   - ✅ make a copy of database data for local testing
   - ✅ make deployment credentials available

   - Markdown formatting with HTML cleaning. No injecting <script> tags for you >:(
   - Wrote tests for the backend
   - Made the frontend submit comments to the backend
   - Implemented oppressive moderator censorship options such as removing comments and locking threads
   - Added form validation
  • Sven Knebel
    • server maintenance
    • setting up additional pieces for local hackerspace in rC3 (CCC hacker online event in a few days)
    • showed the platform used there a bit, based on https://workadventu.re

Shipped beta Firefox browser extension to provide Bridgy Instagram backfeed. Feel free to try!

   (Chrome version is done too, awaiting approval!)
  • Chris Aldrich GMT-8
    • Taking care of some admin tax and updating various pieces of site
    • Post Kinds plugin update and template work
  • Maxwell Joslyn GMT-8
    • caught up on version control, for both site code and material, with sloppy and irresponsibly large Git commits
    • sent out the 5th set of interview questions for The Drongo (https://www.maxwelljoslyn.com/thedrongo)
    • wikified my https://mxjn.me URL shortener (oh-so-basic but the simplest use case is also the one I needed most)


   fix bug in default me-only audience implementation for private posts
   experiment with CSS Grid of "cards" to better showcase The Drongo interviewees
   work on my master's degree essays - hosted on my website as private posts ;)

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