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IndieWeb and Poetry was a session at IndieWebCamp East 2020.

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IndieWebCamp East 2020
Session: IndieWeb and Poetry
When: 2020-11-14 15:50 PM Eastern




  • Affordances of the Web
    • I began to learn CSS to get animated poetry out of my head.
    • I like audio and mixing in images
    • I've written poetry for a long time, and have wanted to make them art pieces for awhile now, especially in multimedia contexts โ€” hibs
  • Poetry and Mark Up
    • Microformats, Feeds, and and Poetry
      • respect my space
      • your HTMNL sanitizer is killing me
      • multiple authors
      • full or excerpt
      • can I code in an always allow autoplay feature or ask?
      • A Post with another poem and comments probably an h-cite
      • but if I do an excerpt versus a full poem
      • I use multiple artifacts sometimes 20-30 each with a CC license
    • itles and Notes and Articles
  • Metadata
  • Annotations by Author, by Publisher
  • Display that still works on someone else's site (or, why I don't use indie readers)
  • Making it Pretty with Variables Fonts
    • You can set the animations on different axis values
    • you have five points to move in between
    • You can use the Google Font API
    • You have limited
  • Poetry in the Margins
  • Tips For Writing Poetry
    • Metaphors Matter, compare one thing to another over and over
    • Write with your sense. Show don't tell. Tell me what the poet feels, hear, sees, tastes. touches
    • Use images. Take the same image and write two poems with two different moods. Play with connotation and figurative language
    • Use passion. Write about what you love or hate
    • Write what youy see. Literal observationsa. Go outside. look at sky. Write a poem



 Mark Up
 to learn
out of my head.


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