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Beyond Tellerrand is (often abbreviated btconf) an annual web conference in Düsseldorf, Germany since 2011 (additional cities since), which has supported and helped sponsor the adjacent IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf annually since 2015.

Beyond Tellerrand has a goal of looking a bit further, beyond the edge. See for more.


2024 DUS

There will likely be a btconf Düsseldorf 2024, probably April or May.

See: Planning#Dusseldorf for adjacent IndieWebCamp planning and express interest there!


2023 DUS

btconf Düsseldorf 2023 will be in April.

IndieWeb Event(s):

  • 2023-04-16 16:30-19:00 IndieWeb Meetup, in the lobby of the NH Hotel Düsseldorf.

IndieWeb Community Attendees:

2023 BER

btconf Berlin 2023 will be in September. IndieWeb Community Attendees:



2022 DUS

btconf Düsseldorf 2022 was in May. IndieWeb Community Attendees:

2022 BER

btconf Berlin 2022 was in September. IndieWeb Community Attendees:


Düsseldorf 2021 event link. IndieWeb Community Attendees:


Main article: events/2019-05-13-beyond-tellerrand


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