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Google Pay is a digital payments service and the name of a peer-to-peer payment mobile app by Google. The mobile app supported sending money to other based on a phone number or email address but is scheduled to shut down 2024-06-04 in the U.S.[1]. Google Pay will still work for online checkout. The tap-to-pay app and digital wallet functionality is now in the Google Wallet app.

Rebranding and website takedown

The service was renamed when the Google Wallet and Android Pay services were combined, pivoting more to focus more on purchases. This lead to the removal of the web UI and Gmail integration. From the app, users can still generate a link to share for payments, though the link opens the Google Pay app.

IndieWeb Examples

Anthony Ciccarello

Anthony Ciccarello previously included Google Pay as an option on his pay page. Since web payments were not supported he listed his email address. Removed it as an option 2024-03-12 following the service shutdown announcement.

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