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Node.js is a platform for running javascript applications and runs on all modern operating systems.


Projects being developed by IndieWeb participants that run in Node.js

  • A WebMention Endpoint: A hosted WebMention Endpoint by Pelle Wessman that people can use to add WebMention capabilities to their sites with nothing but HTML and JavaScript. Uses microformat-node
  • Skein: a static site generator developed by Emma Kuo and running on since July 2015. It uses html+microformats as its native data store.
  • abode: a TypeScript server built by Eddie Hinkle and running on since February 2017. It is currently write-only (it can't read/edit posts) using Jekyll as the front-end platform.
  • lazymention: daemon written by AJ Jordan that can crawl static sites and send outbound Webmentions for them
  • Indiekit: A Node.js server being developed by Paul Robert Lloyd with “all the pieces needed to own your content and share it with the wider independent web”.
  • ...


Generally useful libraries being developed by IndieWeb participants that run in Node.js:

  • microformat-node: A well developed library is available for use as a building block in indieweb projects for consuming pages with microformats.
    • Jacky Alciné: As of 2024-01-08; this project hasn't been updated in 7 years
  • microformats-parser: A JavaScript microformats v2 parser, with v1 back-compatibility. View the demo. Works with both the browser and node.js.
  • micropub-express: A reusable Micropub endpoint by Pelle Wessman for the Express framework/router. Makes it easy to accept Micropub requests and then do whatever one wants to do with them.
  • mf-obj: Developed by by Emma Kuo, Microformat objects are a set of utility classes for working with indieweb posts: Read different kinds of posts, Parse comments and reply contexts as nested objects, Resolve author with the authorship algorithm. Get a list of webmention targets, and Serialize and deserialize from JSON.
  • micropub helper: A simple library to help with developing Micropub clients by Grant Richmond
  • send-webmention and its underlying discovery library get-webmention-url, both written by AJ Jordan
  • ...


  • "Node feels more brittle than it should be" - capjamesg
    • Out of the box, Node stops an application when there is an error that is not caught.

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