RSS/silo examples

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Many silos offer RSS feeds for different kinds of content, but the details are not always easy to find. This page lists examples for some silos. Feel free to add more.

Projects on the RSS page links to other tools that off alternate means of re-enabling RSS feeds that silos may have shut down.




"gallery:" becomes "gallery%3A" due to the URL encoding; only replace the USERNAME with the deviantArt username.


To get the feed of a single person use:

Unfortunately, the USERID is not the username, and to get the actual ID you either need to need to use the Flickr API or visit a 3rd party service, like At least you can specify set IDs as well to follow, the details are at

There is also a way to get the feed of everyone you follow: but in this case, USERID should be your own ID.

There is a documentation on this at


Only through 3rd party [1], but it works.

For other feeds, like loved tracks, see [2].




WordPress ( both .com and hosted sites ) nearly always have RSS feeds for the site, for the categories, the tags; even for comments, sitewise and per entry. More details here.


full site feed
full comments feed
category feed
post specific comments feed
post kind feed with single taxonomy (post kind pages are archives)
post kind feed with more than one taxonomy,note/feed
post kind feed with a tag