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Thread Reader (aka Thread Reader App) is a Twitter bot/service that will convert a Twitter thread into an article by replying to any tweet of a thread that mentions @ThreadReaderApp with the keyword "unroll". When ready, the bot will tweet back a link to a collection of the tweets.

They also support other languages:

  • In Arabic, use the word "تنسيق"
  • In French, use the word "déroule"
  • In Japanese, use the word "まとめ”

Micropub support

Thread Reader announced the release of their support for Micropub on 2020-06-27. There is a tutorial on their Patreon.


In response to a post/tweet by Chris Aldrich on 2020-03-06, Thread Reader built an IndieAuth and Micropub workflow to allow users to post collections of their own Twitter threads (aka tweetstorms) back to their own personal websites.

On 2020-05-28, Chris Aldrich posted a thread to Twitter and afterward was able to use a beta version of their service to syndicate (or PESOS) a copy of it to his website in one of the first examples of this feature in the wild.

Screen capture of Thread Reader App IndieAuth and Micropub functionality for PESOS of Twitter threads to one's personal website.

On 2020-06-27 ThreadReaderApp announced the release of their support for Micropub.

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