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Here are some tools that are helpful for building, validating, and debugging an IndieWeb site.

  • - a feed parser that makes it easier to see the parsed result than look through the source HTML. Does everything you expect to be parsed show up? Does anything appear that you didn't expect?
  • - Discover a URL’s IndieAuth, Micropub, Microsub, and Webmention endpoints.
  • toolbox provides diagnostic discovery and testing facilities of IndieWeb and other web technologies; to use toolbox you need to identify yourself using IndieAuth.
  • - Discover a URL’s published rel-me links


Microformats Parsers

Main article: microformats


  • (zombie site) - URL and text entry (Python)

IndieAuth Tools

server configuration checks

Other Tools

  • granary is a library and REST API that frees you from social network snowflake API and exposes the sweet social data foodstuff inside as HTML and JSON with microformats2, ActivityStreams, JSON Feed, Atom, XML, and more.
  • CSS Stats provides analytics and visualizations for your stylesheets. This information can be used to improve consistency in your design, track performance of your app, and diagnose complex areas before it snowballs out of control.

Atom/RSS feeds

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