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Amalfi is an IndieWeb application built using Python and Flask that is currently in development by Myles Braithwaite.

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Implementation Design

Storage Format

I took a lot of inspiration from Aaron Parecki's p3k folder and file structure.

All the content for the website is stored in a Git repository and mirrored to an S3 bucket.

There is a main folder posts which contain the individual post files. Post are stored in a structure of posts/%Y/%m/%j/index (example the third post on 13 March 2018 would be posts/2018/03/072/03).

In a individual post directory there is always a _meta.toml for storing information about the post, all h-entry variables are supported. In the directory there is also h-entry variables as text files (ex summary.txt,, etc).

A posts folder structure looks like:

└── posts
    └── 2018
        └── 072
            └── 01
                β”œβ”€β”€ _meta.toml
                β”œβ”€β”€ summary.txt
                └── media
                    └── photo.jpg

Mention Support

Amalfi has the ability to mention support using @ symbol.


Amalfi Project was randomly selected using M&A Project Name Generator.

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