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Hi! I am Evan Boehs & I'm writing stuff @

My website is built with the 11ty static site generator, and is hosted at netlify

My spark is {{Evan Boehs}}

Involvement in the indieweb movement + itches

My website is marked up using microformats2, and it is automatically generating Atom feeds. I am growing a digital garden, and am obviously inherently indiewebby due to my resistance to the corporate web. I plan to begin using more indieweb protocols soon, including webmention and micropub.

On the wiki, I have created and made substantial edits to the following pages

Off wiki, I am committed to empowering people to write.

  • I am developing a command line tool to help people get into web development the correct way, providing gentle scaffolding, a devserver, and help with git.
  • I am developing tools to selfhost indieweb endpoints (
  • I am interested in founding a coop that designs websites for people interested in beginning to blog on their own domain (if you are too, please reach out)