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Archived on 2016-04-19

  • Fix de-duplication of received webmentions, specifically for Bridgy. [1]
  • Set up distinct, well-designed presentations for different types of notes (e.g. quotes, links, status update, video), a la Tumblr
  • Caching webmention author photos locally
    • Avoid breaking images when a Twitter user changes their avatar
    • Be able to deliver all images over https, even if the author's site does not support it.
  • Migrate all content to SSL-only. Secure all the things! Damn the Man
  • My Webmention to-do list
  • My Notes to-do list
  • Work on media_checkins for books I'm reading and music I'm listening to, perhaps others.
    • I particularly enjoy using currently to track my reading progress. Would like to do that on my site and cross-post there, instead.
  • Tweak new wiki theme
  • Set up checkins, display maps with OpenStreetMap
  • Set up micropub
  • Publish likes or โ€” more likely (no pun intended) โ€” favorites/stars.
    • Optionally display them on a dedicated page, sorted by most recently starred.
    • Optionally allow sorting the starred item's original publish date.
  • Add a hook to the Wayback Machine's "Save Page Now" after posting an article.
  • Set up a sitemap at
  • Sift through my old OPML file and set up a following page.
  • Archive Flickr photos on my own site.
  • POSSE to Flickr
  • Work on upgrading with mf2 support.
  • Cache Bridgy Publish webmention endpoint to speed up cross-posting to Twitter; timing out a lot on my site currently.
  • Update PuSH support
    • Automate ping for articles.atom feed
    • Add automatic ping for /notes/ feed.
  • Set up a follow page with links to my feeds, subtome button(s)
  • Import Nucleus comments to ProcessWire
  • Consider showing generic mentions if they're under a specific length, otherwise display "mentioned this"
    • Currently always showing "mentioned this"
  • Weed this list