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admin in the context of the indieweb refers to the act of and UI for signing-into, installing, configuring, updating, backing up a personal site and anything else that has nothing do with creating or reading the posts themselves.

IndieWeb Examples

Most IndieWeb projects have nothing more than configuration files and command line commands for admin purposes. Some well established projects like WordPress have extensive admin UIs.

Tantek uses Falcon on which has the following minimal admin UI:

  • Sign-in: RelMeAuth - currently using PHP/OAuth libraries, supporting only Twitter sign-in.
  • POSSE (semi-automatic). When new posts are created (via scp updates of static posts storage files), the Falcon UI shows a preview and a one-button UI for creating a POSSE copy on Twitter.

Aaron Parecki

aaronpk uses p3k on which has the following minimal admin UI:


Screenshots of idno's admin interfaces:

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