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This page lists adoption blockers, things currently getting in the way of more non-technical people being involved in the indieweb. Please expand this based on real life efforts at advocacy, preferably with specific citations, rather than just a wishlist of features.

Import From Silos

A lot of people have content in services like Tumblr and WordPress and are blocked on moving to the indieweb due to wanting/needing to import from them (citation needed). We need to work on making it easier to import that content into indie tools.


Despite being founded by two women ( Amber Case, Crystal Beasley) and two men ( Aaron Parecki Tantek ร‡elik), the IndieWeb community is not very diverse: the majority of participants (as determined even just by IndieWebCamp and Homebrew Website Club photos) currently are people who are white, male, Western and English-speaking (per IRC logs).

While we actively try to be a positive and welcoming community for people of all races, genders, sexualities, religions and backgrounds, the community itself needs to become more diverse in order to prevent against groupthink, the psychological equivalent of monoculture.

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