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IndieWeb Dinner Meetup





21st Amendment, 563 2nd St., San Francisco, CA


Come enjoy dinner & drinks and talk about the Indie Web!





  • ... link/embed photos from the event here


Notes from conversations over dinner.

Realtime mention notifications

One of the thing I like about Twitter is getting push notifications when people mention my name. This should be possible on our own indieweb sites as well. Here is a possible outline of how that could happen. 12:13, 1 October 2013 (PDT)



  • Get a mobile app like Prowl or use SMS
    • or write your own!
  • Set up a PuSH subscriber that can send you a notification through the app
    • if you write your own app, your PuSH subscriber can communicate directly to the phone's push notification service and avoid using a 3rd party service like prowl.
  • Subscribe to your mentions feed using the PuSH hub

Now, whenever you receive a webmention, your site pings the hub, the hub notifies the subscriber which sends you a push notification! This type of system is great because it's built on building blocks so each piece ends up being swappable, and you can choose how much of the infrastructure you want to run on your own.

Realtime inline display of comments

As of today, Facebook is the only silo that has realtime display of comments on a post. When you're looking at a post on Facebook and someone adds a comment, it shows up automatically with no page refresh.

Given the real-time nature of webmention, it should be possible without too much difficulty to replicate this experience on our own indieweb sites. When viewers are looking at a post, a webmention received by the server could be broadcast to anybody currently viewing that post.