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HWC West Coast Online 2020-05-20

  • Session: 6pm - 8pm, May 20th, 2020
  • Held on Zoom

Notes archived on 2020-05-21 from Etherpad at



  • (2) IndieNews (semi-)automatic syndication - e.g.
  • (2) Best of Lists
  • (1) software project commit webmentions, keeping repos in sync
  • (2) real time a/v for streaming, hosting & active progress watch, active realtime watch posts
  • (2) image storage not in git / IPFS
    • SSG with markdown files in git, wanted a way to version control images, but not in a git repo, e.g. check IPFS hashes for images git
  • (4) physical media library tracking, digital media libraries and playlists, representing media and media feeds, h-feed for podcasts, h-media


Media libraries and playlists


  • organize my media so I can find things
    • e.g. music collection (LPs, mp3, CDs)
    • big on meta data, artists, when released


  • metadata attempts are inconsistent, e.g. composer vs performer, movements in classical music

Structured data for that:

Another current example

Radio station of media posts from your friends

See Huffduffer


What is the media equivalent of author?

  • executive producer? (joke...)

Specifically for music, who is the "author"?

  • performer
  • composer
  • lyric writer
  • producer
  • MP3 ID3 tag has only one field for this

Is there markup on the sites for ASCAP or BMI who handle payments to creators?

fuzzy matching graphs of media content

Status property =

Who is the author for a video?

  • e.g. a Zoom meeting recording?
  • Author is the person who recorded it in simple video/audio
  • contributor for people involved - is part of the podcast spec

Best of lists


How about list to experience?

Streaming from your own site

  • real time a/v for streaming, hosting & active progress watch, active realtime watch posts

What Aaron Parecki showed up last week

  • Facebook Live like streaming
  • aaronpk built this setup for someone else
  • aaronpk said he hacked up a chat for his live stream

How do you have live reactions

<audio src="" controls />

Media storage alternatives

E.g. storing images on IPFS instead of git for Tried a few other git extension

  • GitLFS, requires special support on the host server
  • GitAnnex can sync between a few sources you know, but no way to go beyond the number of devices you have

With IPFS it can mount as a filesystem on your computer. No special headers like HTTP To have compatibility with user space file system at /ipfs. Can then keep images as symlinks to their /ipfs location. Makes the whole blog git repo more portable, size is not that large. DNSLink offers compatibility with existing domain names, and HTTP gateways allows accessing IPFS contents via regular web browsers, i.e.