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Feedly is a feed reader service.


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Feedly has common feed reader features:

IndieWeb Examples

Users โ€” who uses Feedly.com?

IndieWeb Friendly

Does Feedly support any IndieWeb building blocks? Could it support webactions? (It has a huge number of integrations for syndicating to other silos.)

  • ...

Advocacy: we should test whether any of the following are supported (e.g. like Woodwind does!), and if not, ask them to!

  • Subscribe to h-feed feeds, including
    • parsing h-entry posts for all their properties
    • parsing p-author h-card for author name, image, home page
  • Receive WebSub notifications of feed updates
  • IndieAuth to sign-in to feedly.com
      • Feedly does not allow Indieauth only Google, Facebook, Twitter, Windows, Evernote and a Feedly account (- Kartik Prabhu as of 2017-01-26)
  • Micropub to like or bookmark items in feeds, and have those actions be posted to your own site.
  • ...


Fails To Handle Atom XHTML titles

See bug report:

Consider putting this for your Atom title element (inside the entry element) to help encourage users to encourage getting this bug fixed (and stay fixed! live regression tests are a good thing.)

<title type="xhtml"> <div class="if-your-feed-reader-displays-this-then-it-is-violating-the-Atom-spec-RFC-4287-section-4.2.14" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> YOUR POST NAME GOES HERE </div></title>

No Offline Support

Feedly native app on Android (and iOS??) does not load anything when offline. So one cannot read posts even tough they had been previously downloaded.

Home page is js dr

(noticed 2017-026)

http://feedly.com/ is blank if javascript is disabled or fails to load (js;dr).

Upon loading it with JS, there's no reason the static logged-out content there couldn't be served directly from the server.

Welcome to Feedly

The content you need to accelerate your research, marketing, and sales


Collapsed whitespace around HTML

gRegor Morrill: I had a friend report that the spaces around links in my feed were being collapsed, and the inline style for a striked-out word did not come through. Testing with Tantek ร‡elik's feed also shows the collapsed whitespace around links.

Down Messages


"feedly is over capacity"

via https://twitter.com/haxor/status/352121082813218816

"Sorry! Feedly will be back soon. See blog.feedly.com for more information."

via https://twitter.com/kartik_prabhu/status/448575516912541696

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