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posting graph is a visualization of post publishing frequency which can be presented in various ways like a calendar heatmap or a sparkline, and also called contributions or a contribution graph by GitHub.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki on since 2016-09-27

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith on since ????-??-??

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill on originally 2016-08-25 [1]

Removed at some later point during design updates, but added back 2023-08-03 [2]:

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich on since late 2018 uses the ActivitySparks plugin for WordPress to display sparklines for "Daily activity over the prior 3 months" and "Monthly activity over 5 years" for both posting activity as well as commenting activity. On archive pages for categories, these sparkline graphs are updated to show the activity for only that category.

An example of the sparkline graphs on as described above. A blue line indicates the comment posting velocity and an orange line indicates the comment velocity.

Jamie Tanna

  Jamie Tanna describes how he graphs his posts in Visualising My Posting Habits. His visualization can be seen on his post frequency page.

Joe Crawford

Joe Crawford created a sparkline of his posting frequency


capjamesg shows a sparkline that illustrates his posting frequency on his website home page:

Below this, James shows a sparkline with his IndieWeb wiki contributions. This sparkline is generated using James' MediaWiki sparkline generator.

Two sparklines plotting posting activity and IndieWeb wiki contributions

James shows sparklines for posting activity in every category on his blog. Example:

A sparkline on a category page

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Silo Examples

The Internet Archive has a circular user interface to represent posts and pages on an archived website which is generally organized by path names. Hovering over colored portions of their circle chart provides particular links for that site on the archive. While somewhat different presentations compared to sparklines and calendar heatmaps, this presents a lot of the same type of information and links. This incarnation also includes archive pages on a site as well as segments for tags and even URLs for individual comments for some sites. In this sense it's more like a visual version of a site map.

User Interface that presents concentric circles with archived links of a website. The center circle is the domain itself while outside portions of the circle include archive pages, categories, pages, posts, and other portions of a site.

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