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iA Writer is a markdown-based writing application focused on simple and distraction-free writing, which also supports the Micropub standard for publishing to numerous services, and specifically to WordPress servers, Medium, and Ghost.


Micropub support

On 2020-05-13 it announced support for Micropub publishing to a variety of websites including micro.blog and WordPress.


  • Prior request for Micropub support:
    • Eddie Hinkle submitted a short request on April 9, 2019 using their feedback system outlining the fact that it is an open w3c standard with links to the w3c recommendation page, the IndieWeb micropub page and. the test suite micropub.rocks. He also listed the servers they would be able to post to (Known, Wordpress, Drupal) with a link to the Micropub Servers page and specially called out micro.blog support.
    • Sebastiaan Andeweg submitted a short request too, on March 3rd, 2017, on Day 39 of his 100 days of IndieWeb. They responded with some enthusiasm, stating they did not have any plans of expanding their blogging exports, because there were too many platforms to support, but that Micropub would "put a stop to any slippery-slope issues".

IndieWeb Examples

Sebastiaan Andeweg

Sebastiaan Andeweg has been using iA Writer for years to write stories and articles. The plain-text file format lead him to discover Kirby which lead to the discovery of the IndieWeb for him. He did not have a direct publishing flow before the Micropub integration, but most longer posts were drafted in iA Writer and pasted into Quill to publish.

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