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person mention is a homepage webmention sent to a person's homepage.


You should send person mentions whenever you post one of these so people can be notified that you've mentioned them!

You should accept person mentions of/to your site so you can find out when others have mentioned you!


How to person mention

Send a webmention as you usually would:

  • source: your post permalink
  • target: the person's homepage URL

If you're doing something beyond merely mentioning someone, e.g. inviting them to an event, or person-tagging them, then see these pages for how to add that markup:

How to receive person mentions

You should separate out webmentions to your homepage into a separate list on your site, perhaps even sending you notifications for each using your preferred notification mechanism.

How to distinguish person mentions

When you receive a person mention, it may mean something more, here's how you tell.

  • invitation: if the target link to your home page is a u-invitee link, then you've been invited to the event linked to by the in-reply-to of that h-entry
  • person-tag: someone tagged you in their (source) post, if the target link to your home page is a u-category link.
    • unless the containing h-entry has a u-tag-of link, in which case the source is merely tagging you in a different post, the post that the u-tag-of links to.
  • ...
  • otherwise it's just a mention.

Once you've distinguished different kinds of person mentions, you may want to:

  • display these differently (in abovementioned list on your site), e.g. with different icons, prose, clustering, and/or sorting than "plain" person mentions
  • send different notifications for (or maybe only send for some not for all) different kinds of person mentions
  • provide different UI on each in a list, e.g.
    • for person-tags, perhaps provide the option to request "untagging" ("untag-of" link?)
    • for invitations, provide RSVP buttons yes, no, maybe, save which could one-click create respective RSVP posts on your site and send webmentions accordingly (back to the invitation, and to the event as well).

IndieWeb Examples

Examples of IndieWeb sites that send and/or receive person mentions and do something visible (perhaps only to the site owner) with them.

Laurent Eschenauer

Published mentions of people using @domain.tld syntax since around 2013-03-26, as evidenced in:

Ben Roberts

  • Ben Roberts displays all webmentions to his homepage url under "Recent Mentions" on the sidebar since YYYY-MM-DD(?)


Tantek Çelik started using @domain.tld syntax since at least 2017-12-11 paid in full via Venmo! Thanks for the @BlueStarDonuts! 🍩🍩🍩🍩

and added it to the CASSIS auto link function on 2017-12-13

Before that, Tantek Çelik had experimented in 2011 with the +Name syntax from Google+, in blog posts referring to people by full name and linking to their domain:

Silo Examples

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