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PESETAS is an acronym/abbreviation for Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate Everything To A Silo.

It's a Syndication Model where publishing flow starts with posting to 3rd party services, then using some settings/infrastructure (e.g. share settings, feeds, pingbacks, webhooks) to create an archive copy at one particular silo.


PESETAS is one step down from PESOS, whereby a user still publishes elsewhere, but syndicates everything to their own domain rather than to a silo domain.

PESOS is better than PESETAS, since with PESOS, at least you're putting a copy of your content on a URL with your own domain which you have more control over in the future.

Even better still of course is a POSSE model, whereby you always post first to your own domain.

Use Case

One use case for PESETAS is as a building block for a PESOS setup. It may be easier in some cases to first PESETAS from various silos into one specific silo (e.g. Tumblr), and then just PESOS from that one silo into your own domain. E.g.:

These silos:

All have settings to share to:

And then via your Tumblr RSS feed, you can pull everything from that one feed into:

  • your own domain

This setup has the net effect of PESOSing from all those silos into your own domain.

Exception: if you happen to have setup Tumblr as your content host for your domain, then with the above setup, you're just PESOSing directly into your domain. Tumblr just happens to be your content hosting backend.

By using your own domain (even with Tumblr as the "backend"), you own/control the URLs where the content is copied into, and thus you have a better chance at maintaining those URLs in the future (e.g. by exporting from Tumblr, and importing into a CMS / web host while maintaining permalinks).


PESETAS has the advantages of:

  • easier setup. Most silos have preferences/settings to (semi-)automatically share anything you post to Tumblr (or Facebook or just a link and short summary to Twitter).
  • extra backup. By copying all your silo posts to one particular silo, you make backup copies of most of your content (anything that's not just embedded from the source silos).


Disadvantage to a PESETAS setup like the above use case as compared to a direct PESOS setup:

  • bottleneck SPOF - when you PESETAS, whatever one destination silo you pick makes that silo a bottleneck for your content and thus a SPOF - single point of failure. With a direct PESOS setup, whenever any one silo goes down, you can still PESOS from the other silos to your own site.


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