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post by email is a feature for publishing new content on a website by emailing a special email address, supported by some micropub publishing clients (like Quill) and some silos (like Flickr).

Web App Support


Quill is a Micropub client as a web app that supports post by email to any web site that supports Micropub.

  • The subject line of the email becomes the post name
  • The body of the email becomes the post content
  • If a photo is attached, it will be posted as a photo (only one photo is supported per post)
  • If the content contains any hashtags, they will be sent as the "category" property

Silo Support


Flickr supports post by email, but calls it "Uploading by email".

Summary of their documentation:

Use your own unique address to email content directly into your Flickr account from your cameraphone or your email program.

Descriptions and Tags

You can use the subject line to give your photo or video a title and the body to add a description. You can also use a special code to add tags before you send your email.

Photo/Video Privacy

Emailed content inherits your default privacy settings, unless you set it as you send the email using these instructions.

The "special code" to add tags:

Just type "tags:" in the subject line or body of the email followed by the list of tags you want added to the photo(s). (The rest of the subject line in is converted to the photo's title and the body of the email becomes the photo's description.)


Subject: Lucy, my new cat tags: cute "black cat"


Or you could send them in the body

For customizing photo privacy "using these instructions", you add a "+(privacylevel)" to the email address, e.g.

  • - Visible to friends
  • - Visible to family
  • - Visible to friends and family
  • - Only visible to you
  • - Visible to everyone

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