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One of the quickest ways to start owning both your online identity and your own data in an IndieWeb friendly fashion is to choose a pre-existing platform that provides a variety of building blocks.

A major benefit to a hosted and managed IndieWeb service is that one is roughly spending the same amount of money for the service without needing to spend the additional time and effort to manage it all.

The benefit with many IndieWeb services is that if you're unhappy with their offerings you should be able to export your data and move to another service or platform. Since you own your domain name, you can change service providers, move your data, and point your domain name at the new service.

Keep in mind that the service levels and offerings may vary and may not be easily comparable to the work and technical knowledge required to move to a self-hosted platform or service.

To make choosing an IndieWeb platform easier, you can use the table below to find something that suits your needs. Keep in mind that the offerings and level of service may change (though this is usually to add additional services and functionalities for less money.)

Comparison of services that offer IndieWeb friendly building blocks:

Personal or Custom Domain Name ?
Web Hosting
Post Types articles, status updates, photos, links, podcasting, private bookmarks articles, status updates, favorites, replies, reposts articles, status updates, favorites, photos, links articles, podcasting
Themes (CSS, etc.) ? A few themes, but not customizable
to other sites/social media

(Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, and Mastodon)

(Twitter via brid.gy)
? Telegram, iTunes, Spotify
@Mentions & Notifications (Webmention)
(Salmention support too)

Third Party apps (posting clients and Micropub)

Authentication functionality (IndieAuth) ? (RelMeAuth only)
Feed Reader, Social Reader functionality (Microsub) built in reader
(no Microsub support)
supports third party Microsub servers with code in <header>
Price Starts at $5/month
(see pricing)
Free while in beta Starts at $5/month;
7 day free trial
Starts at $4/month;
7 day free trial
(see pricing)

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