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IndieWeb as a Service or IaaS are offerings (possibly paid) that provide either building blocks of IndieWeb functionality, are IndieWeb friendly, or are more complete end-to-end solutions.


There will inevitably be people that want to own their personal domains and their own data without some of the administrative problems and issues that can come with maintaining a personal website. A healthy range of businesses that are people-focused, IndieWeb friendly, underpinned by IndieWeb principles, and support easy import/export/backfill functionality will eventually be integral to a more healthy, pluralistic, and competitive Internet.


These are services that provide a panoply of integrated IndieWeb-like services and functionality. is a relatively inexpensive paid hosting and content management solution that offers the widest selection of IndieWeb building block support including Webmention, Micropub, WebSub, Microsub, microformats, and IndieAuth. offers a variety of free and paid services including a feed reader and hosted blogging, microblogging, and photo services.

Polite Toolbox

Polite Toolbox is a subscription-only service with no tracking/ads that provides desktop software to accesss all your storage from one place as well as a library software in the form of a reader for social media. The company believes in data portability, the Slow Web, and simple interfaces.

Previous services


Known was a company focused on the education market that offered hosted versions of WithKnown. Though the paid service isn't accepting new accounts, the project can still be self-hosted.

Building Block Services

These are services that provide a one or more IndieWeb-like building-block services or more focused functionality that can often be plugged into a larger web presence. Many will use them temporarily or on a limited basis as they're building or designing other moving pieces into a larger web presence that they can own and control.

While some of these services are free, they are often run by the community and [[supporting|support] for them can be shown by contributing to the IndieWeb Open Collective. Some may be planning on offering higher levels of paid functionality in the future.

Bridgy is an open source project and proxy that implements backfeed and POSSE as a service. Bridgy sends webmentions for comments, likes, etc. on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, GitHub, and Mastodon. It can also POSSE posts, issues, comments/replies, retweets, and likes/favorites/stars to Twitter, Flickr, GitHub, and Mastodon. Finally, it adds webmention support to Blogger, Tumblr,, and Medium blogs. is an open-source project and hosted service for receiving webmentions and pingbacks on behalf of your indieweb site.

IndieAuth service provides an IndieAuth server for your website that authenticates you using your existing social accounts. First you link from your website to one or more authentication providers such as GitHub or a PGP key, then when you enter your domain name in the web sign-in form on websites that support IndieAuth, you can sign in without using a password.


Aperture is a Microsub server that is free while in beta. It is currently limited to keep only the most recent 7 days of data. In the future, it may introduce paid plans that will store data for longer.

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