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reading time is a feature of posts (usually articles) that indicates the expected amount of time (typically in minutes) that it would take to read the post.


Knowing roughly how long it will take to read an article will help a reader decide whether they have the time to read an article now or whether they should save it for later.

IndieWeb Examples

Ben Werdmuller

Ben Werdmüller has been indicating reading time on his articles since ????-??-?? (date and citation needed).

  • need example article (first article with reading time?)


Tantek Çelik has tried posting an article with reading time on 2016-02-17:

Rob Weychert

Template:robweychert shows reading time on posts in list views (but not on permalinks) since v6 of his website (2017-09-11). Previously (v5) he showed word counts.

Jamie Tanna

  Jamie Tanna shows reading time on list views and in actual posts, on, as well as on Twitter sharing cards.


capjamesg shows reading time on his articles. He uses a Jekyll front matter variable to calculate the reading time for each post.

Silo Examples

  • Medium displays reading time on Medium posts.


Bad reaction to being told

First paragraph annoyance

Does not reflect actual time


    maybe I don't like the "3 minutes reading time" thing because it never actually reflects the time I spend reading articles

  • Everyone reads at different paces and there is no way to calculate each individual's reading time
  • capjamesg says "This article takes approximately X minutes to read." This lets a user know that there may be a margin of error around the reading time of a post.

Not useful seems arbitrary

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