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streaming is a method of content delivery where the user can start viewing or listening to media without downloading the entire file in advance. Live streaming is a special case where media is streamed as it is created.

IndieWeb Examples

None so far.

Silo Examples



Inspired by Netflix’s outage, brainstorming about what would an “Indieflix” look like, and how would it work.

An Indieflix viewer could start focus on indie content to start with, seed it with video#IndieWeb_Examples and then discover more via h-reviews of videos posted by those users. Then you can say, since you liked this video, watch what they liked, etc.


PeerTube is a free, decentralized and federated video platform source code.

Used by Blender Foundation due to Youtube block their videos.


An open-source Laravel PHP project as part of a course on Udemy. A reasonable GitHub implementation Udemy course

  • Uses FFMPEG
  • Uses PHP
  • Uses Laravel
  • Works with standard web-servers without additions
  • Not IndieWeb centric (could be after some tweaks)

> it’s a bit alarming how pretty much every time someone asks about setting up one’s own streaming server the answer is always “just use ffmpeg” but then the followup question of “okay, how?” never gets answered. via Fluffy

> Because I think a lot of them are cargo culting - tomasparks


  • Need lots of space and to be able to license content

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