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Supporting is either a post or page indicating that a user has made a pledge or payment to support a creator, cause, or other institution.

Compare also with donation.

IndieWeb examples

Much like profile pages found on social sites and crowdfunding sites (like Patreon, Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Facebook, etc.) this page is the beginning of showing which organizations, institutions, artists, and other entities which I’m supporting with a mixture of my time, talent and/or treasure. If you’re looking for something to support yourself, I can highly recommend any of the following which include links to the organization as well as ways to support them.

Examples in the wild

  • Blair MacIntyre has a footer on all(?) of his website pages that includes logos and direct links to the organizations that he supports.
Screencapture of Blair MacIntyre's website footer featuring several logos of organizations he supports.
  • ...

Silo examples


Patreon accounts have pages which show all of the creators a person is supporting:

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