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November 12-19, 2021

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Introducing the HyperText Coffee Pot
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Adding dark mode to my static Jekyll site
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Showing incorrect IndieAuth redirect_uri to the user
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I love my website
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Exploring retro web design
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documentation is written text or audiovisual media that is used to describe or instruct how something works, for example how to get started on the IndieWeb, or how to install a particular piece of open source software to use on your personal website, and documenting what you create is one of several IndieWeb principles.

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dislikes are (also known as downvotes) a feature on YouTube, GitHub, and a few other silos that allow a viewer to indicate not liking a post or comment by pressing a button usually a thumbs-down icon 👎 and then typically show the total number of dislikes on the post.

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transcoding is the process of converting media from one format to another, such as converting video to formats that can be played back in web browsers.

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Add yours

Add yours is a sticker in Instagram stories that aggregates the responses of everyone who adds their own post to their story in response to that prompt.

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