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December 24-31, 2021

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Call for Interest: IndieWebCamp pop up session on Goodreads replacements and decentralized book projects
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Automating Links to POSSE Copies On a Static Website
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Jen Garcia is an engineer, artist, and organizer living in Atlanta, GA, USA.

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whisper tag

whisper tag is text added to the footer of a post alongside traditional tags that is meant to be read as a form of creative writing expression connected to the post rather than as a tool for organization.

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BookWyrm is a social library platform and open source software built on ActivityPub.

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yunohost is an operating system aiming for the simplest administration of a server, and therefore democratize self-hosting, while making sure it stays reliable, secure, ethical and lightweight.

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Planning for IndieWebCamp London 2020.

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domain squatting

domain squatting is the act of buying and reserving domains in order to flip them for a profit.

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Homebrew Website Club Americas 2021-12-29 was a virtual IndieWeb meetup.

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