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May 13-20, 2022

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The first HWC of the month, let's talk bigger picture IndieWeb, beyond our personal websites. The “guiding compass” is a twist on a standard HWC with an emphasis on community collaboration. This is a new, evolving format.

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Distributed polls on your personal website
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Piled On
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Contra Chrome
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Using Known for posting notes, likes, and bookmarks
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Plurality and the IndieWeb
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Thinking about Planets and Challenges
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Great to see cited in the academic literature.
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Own your links

Own your links is the concept of creating links on your own website that redirect to other properties you own, for instance social media accounts or content you have created on other websites.

Created by [jamesg483] on Thursday and edited 3 more times


Messenger is likely either Facebook Messenger, or a perhaps sarcastic reference to Windows Live (originally MSN) Messenger, defunct since ~2014.

Created by [tantek] on Monday with 3 more edits by and


IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf side event was the description of IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2022 from, captured for future reference and inspiration.

Created by on Friday and edited 2 more times

IndieWeb approach

The IndieWeb approach to something (or IndieWeb’s approach) is best described by what the IndieWeb wiki says about that something, which you can find out in chat by asking What is something, which will often provide you with a brief answer and link to find out more.

Created by [tantek] on Tuesday and edited 1 more time


Homebrew Website Club Pacific was an IndieWeb meetup on Zoom held on 2022-05-18.

Created by on Friday

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