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Attendee Introductions at IndieWebCamp Austin 2017.

Manton Reece

  • Manton Reece
  • His website is manton.org
  • It is running on WordPress
  • He has a service called micro.blog
  • He is really interested in getting people to have their own website
  • Blogging for 15 years on manton.org; He is hoping to move to micro.blog hosting
  • He hasn't done a lot on his site in the last few years....

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik
  • His site is tantek.com
  • He's been hosting notes on his own site since 2010 exclusively...on his own site first....No content to Twitter as an origin since '09
  • Been posting pictures, events, RSVP
  • Shows RSVP
  • tantek demonstrates how his RSVP went to the Indieweb 2017 Austin page
  • Been documenting his 'shame' at not iterating fast enough on the wiki
  • Has a long list
  • See Falcon in Wiki
  • Something he got working recently was a payment page so people could pay him
  • tantek.com/pay
  • wonders if it has been used extensively
  • tantek.com/request is the reverse option...asking for money
  • tantek is really interested in hearing about new and interesting ways to use your website instead of other sites

Marty McGuire

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki
  • https://aaronpk.com
  • Posts all sorts of stuff to his website, like tantek. Point of no new content on other sites
  • Last thing he did was adding icons to the bottom of his site to show other sites he is linked to. Uses an icon font
  • He has two Twitter accounts, so there are two Twitter icons
  • Builds a lot of tools for helping other people
  • Created Own Your Swarm and Own Your Gram to pull back content from these services to your site over Micropub
  • Created Quill to post notes and other content

Jon Lebkowsky

  • http://weblogsky.com/
  • Got interested due tantek in 2014, didn't get serious except wanting an IWC in Austin
  • Added outward facing h-card so far. Has quite a few WordPress plugins noted
  • Needs to configure said plugins, doesn't write code

David Shanske

  • David Shanske
  • https://david.shanske.com/
  • has a WordPress site, does a lot of WP development
  • recent multi-day odyssey to have the right Swarm icon
  • has checkins via OwnYourSwarm
  • has photos via OwnYourGram
  • here is his RSVP
  • the format for most of his posts are: header, icon, possibly summary, small content at the bottom
  • happy to talk about WordPress
  • this weekend, here to help with anyone that wants to get WordPress setup, also has a list of projects to work on
  • working on a lot of icons icons icons, theme for the week

Tom Brown

Johannes Kuhn

placeholder 1

  • need name for this participant [1]
  • doesn't have a website currently

Chris Grayson

  • http://blog.storycards.net/
  • New to Indieweb stuff, heard about micro.blog and used that a bit
  • Dipped toe into Indieweb
  • Also works on simple WordPress network for Indivisible sites
  • Free WordPress sites.
  • Offers WordPress help for people who just want to have a website
  • All the information created were Facebook events...wants to get that out of there

Randall Deweerd

placeholder 2

  • Alphaea (sp?) has a micro.blog (need to confirm name for this participant)
  • Currently has no website, but has used WordPress. interested in learning more and getting a site going.
  • Heard about indieweb as a concept, here to learn


  • Sunil also doesn't have a website, here to learn
  • has a domain: asurasunil.com

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