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IndieWebCamp Baltimore Introduction and Demos is the opening session of IndieWebCamp Baltimore.

IndieWebCamp leaders will lead you through:

  1. Announce: Welcome to IndieWebCamp Baltimore 2018!
  2. Tell brief history:
  3. Note our principles:
    • focus on your personal site, "scratch your own itch", creating, designing, selfdogfooding, demoing
  4. Show https://indieweb.org home page
    • the wiki is a great resource to find what people have done so far
    • anyone can edit the wiki, log in with your website
    • the wiki also lists past and upcoming events, including this one
  5. Show code-of-conduct, point out organizers to go to in case of anything
  6. Note our public chat channels (discuss)
    • Can join from IRC (freenode.net), Slack, or the web at chat.indieweb.org
      • #indieweb - user-level discussion
      • #indieweb-dev - protocols, markup, development
      • #indieweb-meta - talking about events, community, organizing
      • #microformats, #bridgy, #known each have channels for those topics
      • #indieweb-chat - not publicly logged, for offtopic discussion
  7. We are big fans of documentation
    • All our sessions in the main room are recorded on video
    • We may have some remote participants joining via video call
    • photography policy
    • During sessions, we take notes in Etherpad, and later copy to the wiki to archive
  8. Overview of schedule today and tomorrow
    • Today
      • Demos of what works on your site today
      • create the session schedule
      • barcamp style sessions with a lunch break
    • Tomorrow
      • intros, begin creating, lunch, continue creating
      • demos at the end of the day
  9. Intro to how Barcamp sessions are scheduled: write THREE THINGS on a notecard:
    1. session name,
    2. your name,
    3. session #hashtag - used for tagging and etherpad.indieweb.org/hashtag
    • during sessions, appoint at least one person to take notes in etherpad
  10. Thanks to our Sponsors for making this possible
  11. Next: Begin introductions and personal site demos!




Introductory demos by IndieWebCamp Baltimore participants!

Please transcribe more details for notes below per person from:

Please describe what they demonstrated in addition to what they said!

gRegor Morrill

  • gRegor Morrill https://gregorlove.com
  • Showed home page, notes, briefly explained POSSE as a common indieweb feature
  • Showed note publishing interface with text that I wanted to post and syndicate to Twitter
  • Showed the "Syndicate to Twitter" checkbox on the form, submitted the form and it appeared on my site [1]
  • Showed the "Tweet This" button that appears under the note (only for the logged-in admin). I usually use that button to semi-automate the Bridgy Publish of the tweet after confirming no typos.
  • For this demo, though, I used the interactive publishing on Bridgy to 1) show Bridgy 2) show how it previews the tweet text and publishes it for you.
  • Finally clicked through and saw it on Twitter [2]

Artur Paikin

Russell Heimlich

  • http://russelheimlich.com
  • has an old flash site which is hard to view now because flash.
  • has a wordpress site where he blogs. it also archives his tweets in realtime. that's in github.
  • has two daughters with their own wordpress sites. those scrape their instagram sites and pull down their images and videos to their sites.
  • http://github.com/kingkool68/ig2twitter auto reposts from IG to Twitter

Adam Bachman

  • https://adambachman.org/
  • Adafruit employee in Baltimore
  • Works on IoT platform as a service
  • Static site, no cool Indieweb technology as hard to do as a day job then do it at home
  • static site where he posts the "toys" - code sketches that he does for fun.
  • shows a UX demo of a mock Hawaii missle alert station UI
  • show a 1-dimensional cellular automata generator in browser
  • adambachman.org/wolfram/
  • "my website is my personal dropbox public folder"
  • publishes his site with a single Makefile, including versioning like capistrano

Derek Fields

  • http://derekfields.is
  • Works at Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center (this venue)
  • redirects to static site hosted on github
  • started learning web dev about 18 months ago. course on udacity helped build his site with bootstrap
  • has a blog page with "Like" buttons. but the buttons are fake and just show a javascript alert.
  • mostly edits his website in "brackets" (an editor)
  • Wants to update site and have a controller to push out the site
  • this weekend working on a microcontroller-served website that serves a VR world using AFrame and sensors to control it.

Eddie Hinkle

  • Eddie Hinkle http://eddiehinkle.com
  • showing recent twitter timeline. finds gRegor Morrill's post on twitter. [3]
  • share's via his iOS app Indigenous (listed as "micropub" in the share sheet)
  • types a reply and sends.
  • loads his website, shows the new reply on his timeline
  • shows Telegraph to show how his site notified gRegor's by sending a webmention to Bridgy
  • shows tracking what he watches and listens to. ticker at the top of the site with art from movies, tv, podcasts.

David Shanske

  • David Shanske http://david.shanske.com
  • WordPress dev for indieweb plugins
  • if you see something that works, steal it
  • inspired by recent bad weather (the "Bomb Cyclone"), added weather to his posts
  • demos replying to indieweb.org/2018/Baltimore on a demo wordpress site
  • demos the weather lookup in the wordpress admin

Marty McGuire

  • Marty McGuire https://martymcgui.re/
  • shows his reply to gRegor Morrill's tweet and how it backfeed to the original
  • shows his own site, events styled similar to FB. Image, calendar thing, big date and time
  • Shows Add to calendar links
  • shows RSVPs on events
  • when people RSVP by Facebook, Bridgy backfeeds to his site so he has a copy of the RSVP and can show them
  • also posts audio to his site
  • weekly This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition podcast
  • posts the audio directly on his site using Screech
  • so his site is the primary source for the audio instead of a separate domain or silo

Jonathan Prozzi

  • Jonathan Prozzi http://jonathanprozzi.net
  • HWC was his first exposure to indieweb; hosts baltimore HWC with Marty McGuire
  • used Hugo initially
  • decided to switch to WordPress 1) to explore tools available
  • got the indieweb tools set up very quickly. Used SemPress as a theme to explore different types of posts.
  • made it so he felt he could focus on writing content for his site
  • wants to document wordpress indieweb setup so HWC participants can come to events and get set up

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki https://aaronparecki.com
  • shows how he posts from his phone
  • has been using Swarm for checkins for a while. Long-time wish to have checkins on his own site.
  • about a year ago got Own Your Swarm set up. He likes using the Swarm app and doesn't want to set up all of that infrastructure again.
  • takes a selfie with the attendees
  • posting the photo on Swarm (already previously checked in to venue, and now he's the mayor of this venue!)
  • shows the checkin on Swarm, then goes back to his site.
  • shows OYS: log in with your website and your 4sq account
  • shows the checkin in OYS and manually pushes it to his site.
  • back on his site, the photo shows up: https://aaronparecki.com/2018/01/20/6/
  • since Marty McGuire is also on OYS, it sent a checkin to his site, since he was included in Aaron's checkin
  • shows that checkin as well: https://martymcgui.re/2018/01/20/084450/
  • similar service for Instagram: Own Your Gram
  • services like this bridge the gap between the apps with good UX and your own site.

Amy Hurst

Matt Griffin

  • does a lot of web community stuff for work. uses up his web energy for that.
  • eventually killed all of his non-work web presence.
  • IndieWeb has him excited to return to an experience of having a conversation with individuals online
  • interested in making a portfolio site and seeing other folks' approaches.
  • does a lot of audio work, interested in audio timelines, interactive transcripts, excerpts
  • wants to set up a research log capturing things he learns, building a habit

Demos Planning

Participants with established IndieWeb personal sites have an opportunity to coordinate their demos to show critical or compelling features. Add yourself and the feature(s) you plan to demonstrate below!

A few of us discussed our various site features and how showcase the most features in a (roughly) meaningful order. Here's what we have!

  • gRegor Morrill - posting a note to his site. POSSE to Twitter via brid.gy publish with preview.
    • Marty McGuire will immediately like / retweet / reply to his tweet on Twitter to give brid.gy time to backfeed
  • Eddie Hinkle - load gregor's Tweet and respond using Indigenous. Maybe also the Watch features on his site.
  • David Shanske - wordpress site. maybe plugins. weather per post feature.
  • Marty McGuire - show gRegor Morrill's post w/ the backfed tweet. show event posts. audio posts on his site.
  • Aaron Parecki - checkins with OwnYourSwarm. OwnYourGram?

Older Planning

Volunteers in no particular order:

  • Aaron Parecki (not necessarily first) posting to my website from various Micropub clients (open to other suggestions based on what others will be demoing)
  • David Shanske (in no particular order) will quickly demo posting to a site using Indieweb WordPress tools.
  • Eddie Hinkle can demo a variety of things depending on other potential demos, I'm flexible: Posting using Indigenous (iOS share sheet), media posts (watch/listen), On This Day widget, Weather in Posts, holiday themes and/or person tags come to mind. Open to other suggestions.
  • gRegor Morrill can demo posting a note, using Bridgy Publish to syndicate to Twitter, and WebSub to see it appear in Woodwind (if the Woodwind gods are graceful at the time :)
  • Add yourself here… (see this for more details)

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