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The Organizers Meetup Berlin2 2019 is a half-day of activities and sessions before IndieWebCamp Berlin2 2019, for everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp in the past two years or at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups with at least one meetup photo.


Similar to 2019/Berlin/Organizers, the Berlin2 Organizers Meetup sessions are open to everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2017-2019, planning an IndieWebCamp later this year, or co-organized at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups during those years, and posted at least one meetup photo. If youโ€™re not sure, ask an organizer.


Please add yourself if you can make it on the afternoon of 2019-11-22 to Mozilla Berlin:


  • -18:30 (European Time / UTC+1)


Friday 2019-11-22:

  • 15:30 Organizers Meetup (OM) start, intros, room hardware/video checks in every room
  • 16:00 Organizers Meetup in Gainsboro
  • 18:00 Organizers' Meetup Wrap-up & Next Steps
  • 18:30 Go to IndieWebCamp Berlin2 Social Meetup (starts at 19:00)


Gainsboro Room, Mozilla Berlin, Berlin, GERMANY

Gainsboro is on the 3rd floor next to the kitchen.


IndieWebCamp Berlin2 2019
Session: Organizers Meetup
When: 2019-11-22 15:30



Capture food preferences/requirements for IndieWebCamp tickets, OR at a minimum express up front what the food provided will be, e.g. OSBridge was very upfront that only vegan food was provided for lunch (if folks want to supplement with their own they can do so)

While there are good reasons to document food preferences, it needs to be added to the tito template so it can be commented out if needed. The challenge is in execution. If we ask for people's preference we must actually execute on that. and make sure the options will be available and expectations are set.

Indieweb Kits

There should be Indiewebcamp Kits at multiple locations in the US, as there are in Europe.

Aaron Parecki already maintains an unofficial kit in Portland. Will request he ship kit materials to SF for IWC SF. David Shanske will assemble an East Coast US kit from what is sent, with Tantek ร‡elik retaining some in SF


Discuss whether #indieweb-chat should be bridged to Discord or other platforms where logs are available indefinitely. Decision to not bridge the room unless it remained unlogged or logs will not be retained.

Photo Policy

  • Photo permissions lanyards per 2018/Berlin/Organizers#Lanyards_for_Photo_Preference:
  • Need a formal photo policy
    • all photos released in public domain
    • explain opt-out
    • include steps for asking for photo removal
    • some generic way to indicate red/yellow/(none/default/black) lanyard/sticker
  • Possible Photo Policy indicators:
    • red lanyards for no photo
    • yellow lanyards for ask
    • plastic badge holders with a hole for the lanyards to clip onto
    • Reusable Hello My URL IS rewritable badges
    • Good option for this is the PVC material that is used for ID badges
  • Price Estimates โ€“ figure out a solution that organizers can just go order:
    • Different lanyards, paper tags, plasitc holders $..05-.10 each
    • Printed different name stickers $.25-40 (bulk discounts)
    • Reusable plastic wipe or magnetic name tags $2.00 - we could even print some tiny IWC logo stickers to adhere to the name tags.

As no one has taken the lead on lanyards or reusable nametags, we have an interim photo policy using color coded stickers on labels/paper badges. Any individual may make their own reusable badge and use it at events, subject to any venue specific restrictions.

We should always have labels in the kit for those to make badges day of.

Accessibility Statement

2019/Brighton, 2019/Berlin and 2019/Berlin2 had accessibility statements. As future events often copy prior events, this can be copied and updated with the venue. If there is venue specific info, could this be linked/quoted in the wiki?

Should we come up with a general venue accessibility statement for IndieWeb events? (IWC, HWC, Summit) Should we at least put "Accessibility Statement" on a template so IndieWeb event organizers at least state something then leave it up to each event's organizers?

Rosemary Orchard added accessibility note to 2020 Summit page

Minimum Viable Organizing

Tantek ร‡elik: With many years of experiences with IndieWebCamps and related events, there are some patterns as to what helps things succeed, and what causes things to either fail (not happen), have several under-participation (less than 5?), or drop a lot on the floor (unfulfilled potential).

We should have an open and honest discussion about what it actually takes for minimum viable organizing of an IndieWebCamp, including actual risk mitigations, not just a low bar of "viability", and decide if we want to have explicit requirements on what can be called an "IndieWeb" event (whether meetup, IndieWebCamp, Week etc.), and what those should be (based on successful examples).

Key patterns / potential sources of concern:

  • solo (or de-facto solo) organizing
  • non-participation in community (not available in chat, not active on wiki)
  • not detail oriented
  • first time organizer (of any event) as primary organizer
  • ...

Peripheral concerns:

  • not own your data (credibility gap: if an organizer is not (even) owning their notes, are they really credible to be organizing an IndieWebCamp?)
    • require organizers to also post Indie event posts?


  • Organizer be, if not previously organized an IWC, have experience organizing similar events
  • A more experienced organizer should, if possible, volunteer to support a new one
  • Solo organizing remains strongly and emphatically discouraged
  • Organizer should be active in chat so that they can get help from the community, even from those not attending and to answer questions regarding the event
  • New organizer should, ideally, have attended one or more prior Indiewebcamps

Next Organizer Meeting

SF does not have a critical mass of organizers. Reach out to Manton Reece re whether sufficient organizers at Austin

Family Friendly

Add notation to the organizing page on wiki to "consider if the venue permits minors. IndieWebCamps are open to interested parties of all ages, but some venues may have specific rules or restrictions. IndieWebCamps have not historically provided a specific child program or supervision. Organizers may choose to do this but there are legal concerns which must be considered."

Concern is that we want to be open to younger participants, but at this time, have not accepted the requirements that would come if those younger participants are not accompanied by an adult.

Suggest minimum age if not accompanied by an adult, minimum age may vary by what is considered acceptable in the city or older if that is preferred by the organiser.

Sessions at Indiewebcamp should be family friendly unless the topic is explicitly noted as otherwise. For example, if the topic covers abuse there may need for explicit examples.

One Day Attendance Two Day Event

We should note it is all right to only show up for one day of the event, even though we want you to come for both.


(to be filled in from the Etherpad)


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