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Attendee Introductions at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2019.


Aaron Parecki

Joschi Kuphal


Jan Sauer

István Szmozsánszky

  • https://flak.is
  • Needs to get his website sorted out, lots of IW spirit ideas, even if they're not quite compatible.
  • also has where.flak.is
  • Wants to turn these cool things into IW compatible stuff

Sebastiaan Andeweg

Rosemary Orchard

Daniel Pietzsch


  • http://sonniesedge.net
  • Using Drupal, because she likes storing her own data
  • uses human readable URLs for things, like sonniesadge.net/bookmarks for bookmarks
  • Charlie likes Drupal, because it has great JSON options.
  • shows her jsonapi endpoint
  • Wants to make a static site of out her Drupal data,
  • (Drupal is not fun to theme)
  • wants to pick brains for information


  • https://schepp.dev
  • He has a domain! And notes in a trello board, but no website yet.
  • Wants to set up a set on netlify
  • He, and Charlie before him, want to use Eleventy

Jonas Voss

  • Jonas Voss, http://blog.verture.net
  • First IndieWebCamp!
  • His website works for him, though he wouldn't share it (I presume the CMS),
  • also shows http://blog.voss.co, running on Known
  • His challenge for this weekend: to import 12 year old blog posts into Known, and then perhaps to try and theme it

Zach Leatherman

Marc Thiele

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