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Demos for IndieWebCamp NYC 2019 took place October 6, 2019.

Marty McGuire

  • Marty McGuire https://martymcgui.re
  • https://schmarty.net/stickpix
  • had his goal of a Micropub Snapchatesque filter app called Stickpix
  • Marty is a bunny on screen.
  • he added a button called snap it, it creates an image tag in the page using a data url you can right click, view it if you want, save it to your computer
  • Halfway to putting it in a micropub client

Tiara Miller

  • Tiara Miller
  • Brought back tiaramiller.com
  • It is a Hugo site
  • And she made a badge.

Teon Brooks

  • teonbrooks.github.io is now https://teonian.com and it is https
  • GWG The other thing is that...visiting Indiewebify.me....the site has an h-card works.

Nicole Shadowen

  • Got a domain name https://nicoleshadowen.com
  • She uses technology to make the world a better place for humans
  • She also POSSEd her first tweet using Bridgy
  • She did it manually, but she'd like to fix that
  • Wants ideas on how to be more visual in her presentation of written material

Dmitri Shuralyov

  • https://dmitri.shuralyov.com
  • He uses Github as his login provider, but wanted to try to add IndieAuth.
  • Now, on his staging instance, via Indielogin.com, he is letting people login via their website.
  • Learned a lot about IndieAuth, but needs cleanup before deployment

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik, https://tantek.com
  • First, we are visiting event
  • He has done things on the wiki
  • First, he had difficulty figuring out what to do, so he braindumped ideas about events
  • He added notes on better support for invitations and who is attending an event in the brainstorming section, working backward from what it would look like when it reached twitter
  • Considering adding in the next iteration fun icons
  • Hopes to automatically add invitees and such
  • Then, started working on how to generate invitations and documented existing examples.
  • Did not come to a conclusion, but made progress.
  • In the last 30 minutes, he tried to add something to his website...
  • Added a webmention form "Got an Indie RSVP" on his event pages
  • He only shows the form on events as he doesn't show webmentions otherwise


Doug Beal

  • dougbeal, https://dougbeal.com
  • Demoing remotely
  • He has a WordPress site
  • He keeps forgetting to add u-photo to his classes. He did it automatically
  • Trying to make HWC Seattle more often, so has a Hugo site for this. Has not yet deployed it
  • The URL will hopefully be indieweb.seattle.wa.us. He will apply for that. Until then: https://hwc.dougbeal.com

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, https://david.shanske.com
  • dev site https://wpdev.gwg.us/
  • shows location info in the sidebar. it's current! shows whether it's light out based on altitude, even.
  • also can show a tiny map!
  • also: a wordpress starter theme with microformats
  • also: downloaded an android app for adding EXIF metadata to images and then started working on making that metadata show up on his site.
  • went through three different plugins and made three different updates
  • can now take photo on his phone, add a description, then upload to his site from his phone.
  • uploads via micropub (indigenous). it used to strip metadata but no longer does.
  • his WP site saves that data before stripping it out for serving.
  • had one more stretch goal, multiple calendars. didn't make it.

Greg McVerry

  • Greg McVerry, https://jgregorymcverry.com/
  • has a /music/ URL on his site that ... is 404.
  • got rid of his file extensions in his URL
  • But is having subdirectory issues
  • He is superexcited, as he no longer has to manually add his header/footer/head to page...he has automated this.
  • Used Github actions to optimize images
  • Can share to demo this is...100% speedtest in Lighthouse; was at 98%
  • Inspired by attendee Nicole, he did something with bridgy that made him frustrated.
  • He is now going to publish using Bridgy. Made a note subdirectory, file for each day, ID
  • Then it says he has no microformats...but he does. Except he has an issue with HTML markup.

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