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Feed the Feeds was a session at IndieWebCamp Online 2020.


Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/allthefeeds

IndieWebCamp 2020 Online
Session: Feed the Feeds
When: 2020-02-08 18:15 UTC

What feeds do you have and where? How do you link to them? Is your homepage a feed and why or why not?



  • {{jgmac1006} has feeds to his various content types. I put links to streams in my h-card nd have 13 feeds in my header to websites all over the place, i have a podcast feed on my podcasts, on my video page all my shows are different h-feeds, the header has a link to granary for each feed so people can subscribe on a per show basis .
  • David Shanske supports JSONfeed, RSS, atom, and h-feed. JSONFeed links on every page, and rel-feed on the main page to various h-feeds to support post discovery. Due WordPress, supports RSS, JSON, and h-feed tag, archive, post type, date, etc feeds
  • Chris Aldrich supports RSS (via WordPress core functionality), JSONfeed (via WordPress Plugin), and h-feed (with an IndieWeb friendly fork of the 2015 WordPress theme that he has modified -- this is still currently evolving) He has 35 feed links
  • Jack Jamieson supports RSS (via WordPress core functionality), JSONfeed (via WordPress Plugin), and h-feed (with a custom child theme for the already IndieWeb-friendly SemPress theme)
  • Vika wants to have more feeds, e.g. tag feeds, post type feeds and thematic feeds. Trying to think how to indicate to kittybox-micropub which feeds to put an h-object into...
    • category feeds are an obvious one
    • non-tag thematic feeds could be harder, e.g. post types - Kittybox does not distinguish between those right now
  • Worth noting, in passing, that Known makes many different kinds of feed -- e.g. Tags, categories -- quite easy to offer.
    • I use the hashtags for feeds all the time
    • I have found the rss feeds are not discoverable you need to know how to write them.
      • because you need to decide what specifically you want to offer and Known can't know that easily
    • We did add an update so any hashtag page has an h-feed
  • Set up a page that will return a custom feed with just the things people want.
  • How would auto-discovery work with that, as opposed to having a bunch of them in the <HEAD>?
    • I am not sure; I would love the IndieWeb nuzzle type thing


It would be nice to use feeds for real time data to allow people to either listen to or watch the same things simultaneously. Spotify, Last.fm, and YouTube have functionalities like this. Many people may consume feeds in a time shifted fashion, but there could be some useful real-time uses we could experiment with.

An algorithm or curation to make feeds clean and relevant would be interesting, and the best part is IndieWeb means we wouldn't be locked into any one algorithm. Ideally these algorithms would be much more transparent and not incomprehensible black boxes.

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