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Demos was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2021 where participants demonstrated things they built or wrote during the camp.

📺 https://archive.org/details/iwc-dus-2021-demos

Archived from https://etherpad.indieweb.org/2021-D%C3%BCsseldorf-demos


  • Aaron Parecki measured performance metrics with webpagetest.org and took a snapshot.
    • Identified easy things to take. One easily identified were fonts.
    • Moved JS that are waiting for the page to load to the bottom of the page, they did not need to load at top.
    • Sorted CSS and JS load order.
    • Noticed that a CSS framework he is using takes a long time to parse by the browser. (https://semantic-ui.com/)
      • Taking as homework.
    • Also saved a snapshot of a photos permalink, because those pages do different things on his site.
  • Sven Knebel worked on something that had not yet come up during the camp: theme switcher for his website.
    • Can add a CSS filename to a query parameter to switch.
      • Made it so there is a default style that will load if a nonexisting filename is given.
      • Thinking about making it possible to Micropub a CSS file to the site and have it automatically become available as a theme
  • Sebastiaan Andeweg jump started yesterday evening.
    • Quill no longer worked with his IndieAuth implementation. So he created a new endpoint.
    • The new endpoint parses the h-app for Quill and will render the logo of the IndieAuth client.
    • ALso added support for scopes, so the Quill requested scopes show on the authorization screen.
  • Marc Thiele
    • Research: looking into existing plugins for Kirby3, for getting webmentions running again.
    • Thinking about implementing webmentions using Commentions
  • Tantek Çelik wanted to work on the <head> thing.
    • Had to disable CSP to stop limiting CSS loads of ct.css
    • Very few things showed up, as he has few things in <head>. All scripts load right before </body>.
    • Would suggest that for progressive enhancement scripts should always be able to load at the end of body for all sites.
    • Been looking at RSVPs, as it had been a while since sending. Had to manually send the webmention to the event page to get RSVP to show up.