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IndieAuth Updates

IndieAuth Updates was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2021 led by Aaron Parecki to summarize the recent changes to the IndieAuth spec.

📺 https://archive.org/details/iwc-dus-2021-indieauth-updates



  • ... add notes
  • moving more towards OAuth
  • consider adopting `iss` parameter
    • in OAuth it is a small addition, but for us it's bigger / more relevant
    • authorzation sends `iss` in addition to `code` and client checks it
    • there is an identifier of the issuer: the one that gives auth and token endpoints

There is also a 'metadata' spec, where servers can publish what is supported etc.

    • you don't have to use .well-known like OAuth, because we have other ways of discovering (e.g link on homepage)
    • link to the metadata endpoint instead of the separate authorization_ and token_endpoints

Then there is Refresh Tokens

  • we include it to make explicit you **can** do it, but you always could have done it before

Token Introspection

  • Important for "resource servers", these are any servers that need to be able to receive a token.
  • IndieAuth previously allowed calls to the token endpoint with the token in the header to receive information about the token, with this change it would become a POST request to whatever the introspection endpoint is.
    • Note that the introspection endpoint can be any URL, including the existing token endpoint.
  • This change means standard OAuth token endpoint can be used without additional features on top of them.

Resource indicators

  • https://github.com/indieweb/indieauth/pull/96
  • Because OAuth does not define scopes itself, it cannot communicate in what context a scope is needed. Within the specs around IndieAuth we define scopes, e.g. Micropub has a "create" scope and means no other specs using IndieAuth are allowed to use "create", is has been reserved.
  • With resource indicators one could request a "create" scope and also say "to be used with Micropub". That way scopes will no longer be reserved by other specs.
  • Would there be things about resource indicators that would be optional in an IndieAuth context?
  • Potential use-case within Ticket Auth, where a scope could be requested within a specific part. E.g. read scope for a feed URL.
  • Side-note: would it be possible for a client to request known scopes from the auth endpoint? To see which scopes exist for Micropub.
    • side-followup: yes, the metadata document has a way to list the scopes supported by the authorization server, but there is still no association between scopes and resource servers

Revocation Endpoint & Info Endpoint