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Planning for IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2024.



  • Saturday May 11: The City Library
  • Sunday May 12: Niu Tab hotel lobby, long tall table with outlets in the middle, David Shanske will bring flag to drape over the table to claim it


Sunday venue ideas?

  • ACCEPTED: grabbing a long tall table with outlets in the Niu Tab hotel lobby
  • ...
  • REJECTED: lobbycon at the Holiday Inn (where most of the IWC organizers are staying) — too loud and busy, many times there were screaming individuals
    • may require someone who is staying there: Tantek Çelik, David Shanske, capjamesg
    • pros:
      • outlets / desks
      • (likely?) lobby wifi
    • cons:
      • is "in public"
      • no exclusive use/guarantee of the space - expect randoms to show up and use any available space
      • may get kicked out by the hotel
    • needs:
      • would need a way to project (micro/picoprojector?) for demos session
      • would need to set expectations of participants ordering at least a drink and/or snack from the hotel (perhaps at some frequency? like every 2 hours?) because the room in the middle of the hotel lobby and is serviced by the bar staff

Photos of Holiday Inn lobby:

  • Hotel lobby with lounge seating and co-working tables.
  • Lobby

Not this year (but has worked in past, maybe in future)

  • CGI - need to message Marc about contacting them
  • sipgate — will they be open to hosting an event for outsiders?
  • ...

Confirmed ("event" means they RSVPd to the event, "ticket" means they've confirmed they registered for a ticket_)

Interested in attending:

Was interested in attending 2023:

See Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2024 and https://beyondtellerrand.com/blog for updates


Other adjacent events — unclear if we need to avoid or not:

Next steps: (for organizer notes while we're figuring this out)

  • Find & confirm Sunday venue
  • Contact Jules about possible photography opportunity for the IWC
  • Find at least tentative remote participation support (volunteer or co-organizer)
  • ...

More info:

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