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The IndieWeb Awards are honors bestowed by the active IndieWeb community for a variety of categories in an effort to both highlight and celebrate the past year's accomplishments.

A proposal....


  • We're a big enough/growing community that we should celebrate both our collective and individual accomplishments
  • Could highlight new tools, projects, and features for current and new members
  • Acts as a potential outreach/public relations tool
  • Encourages people to keep improving/working on their sites
  • Encourages lapsed members to come back and participate
  • Finally a page with a trophy emojicon!
  • It is awards season after all.
  • fun, fun, and more fun
  • ...


General Thoughts

  • Potentially to be awarded at 2018/Baltimore or IndieWeb Summit 2018
  • Almost anything can be nominated/voted upon, but the criteria (for most categories) is that they should have happened in the 2017 calendar year
  • People can't vote for their own creations or situations which would be generally deemed a direct conflict of interest (please no gaming)
  • Categories
  • Design badges that winners could display
  • Creates pride of ownership
  • Encourages growth
  • A chance to be positive


  • Choose a voting system/method?
    • Possibly use open wiki voting structure (this may be a bit unwieldy)
    • Closed/Anonymous balloting system?
    • Voting by webmention somewhere? (requirement for webmentions may exclude some voters)
  • Nominations period followed by a voting period
    • Determine dates/times
  • One vote per category
  • Voter eligibility criteria?
    • User page on wiki? (Higher or lower bar?)


  • Webhosts or other related companies could sponsor the awards
    • Potential give-aways meant to encourage site ownership and creation? Hosting packages, domain registrations, etc.
    • Funds to support community building, diversity and inclusion initiatives, the travel fund, etc.
    • Books or paid resources to help new members build and maintain their sites

Awards Categories

Creator Awards

Creator of the Year

  • add your nomination

Site of the Year

  • add your nomination

Most improved personal site of the year

  • add your nomination

W3C Spec of the Year

Project of the Year

  • add your nomination

Community Awards

Community Tool of the Year

Opensource tools or resources that the community has found most widely useful or impactful

  • add your nomination

New Member of the year

Given to the person (a new wiki user page within the last calendar year) with a site that has made a significant positive impact on the community. (Perhaps one award for each generation?)

  • add your nomination

Community Member of the Year

Given to a person who has contributed the most to the community in its own eyes

  • add your nomination

Best new Homebrew Website Club

  • add your nomination

HWC Growth Award

For the Homebrew Website Club with the most growth of the year

  • add your nomination

Host of the Year

Web host that makes is simple and easy to host an IndieWeb site through high level of easy-to-use offerings and excellent customer service

  • add your nomination

Registrar of the Year

Registrar that makes is simple and easy to register a domain name for an IndieWeb site through high level of easy-to-use offerings and excellent customer service

Principles Awards

UI Feature of the Year

  • add your nomination

UX Feature of the Year

  • add your nomination

Longevity Award

  • add your nomination

Media Awards

Article of the Year

Drawn from news or IndieNews

  • add your nomination

Video/Presentation of the Year

  • add your nomination

Podcast or Microcast of the Year

Nominations for individual episodes

  • add your nomination

Founder's Circle Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • add your nomination

Vision Award

Awarded to the project or other effort most likely to profoundly impact the IndieWeb Community. Meant to highlight an active project that could potentially have the most impact on the community at large. Ideally the nominees and winner might help collect potential contributors to help make the project a reality.

  • add your nomination

CMS Feature of the Year

Given to the CMS that added features or functionality that made it easier for people to create an IndieWeb site.

  • Perch added Webmentions
  • Drupal added Webmentions
  • add your nomination

Silo of the Year

Meant to be given to a traditional silo that made the most progress in supporting IndieWeb friendly or IndieWeb capable functionality (including improved data export, API improvement, adding webmentions, adding microformats, improved identity ownership, etc.)

  • add your nomination

Just for Fun

Silo Death of the Year

Given to the site or team that sunsetted their project with the most grace and aplomb, preferrably with advance notice, active communication, data export, and customer service.

  • add your nomination

IndieWeb Congeniality Award

  • add your nomination

Most entertaining wiki contribution

  • add your nomination

Throwback award

  • add your nomination

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