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One Million Webmentions Party

When: Wed, January 24th, 2018 or thereabouts

Where: Wherever there is an IndieWeb or Homebrew Website Club Event

What for: More than 1,000,000 webmentions that have been sent! (source)

You like the web and decentralization? You are invited! Bring the URL of your personal website, or start creating one right at the party!

Locations and times:

Here's a custom logo by Aaron Parecki, perfect for making a custom cake or cupcakes!

Reason for the party

  • The originally decentralized internet has become more and more centralized in recent years: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • A community of technologists has been building a decentralized alternative, called the IndieWeb, by connecting their own personal websites using simple, decentralized protocols instead of big corporately owned walled gardens
  • Thousands of sites are already participating in the IndieWeb
  • One of the key technologies is Webmention, which lets your personal website notify somebody else's website that you have written about a post on their site--think of it like @mentions, but ones that work across website borders instead of being stuck within a single service.
  • By the time of the party, more than 1 million Webmentions will have been sent over the internet. If that isn't a reason for a party, what is?
  • It proves that a community of committed individuals using simple web standards can buck the supposedly unstoppable trends of centralization and make the web work for them they want it to work: decentralized, user controlled, with no third parties in the middle
  • Onward to indiewebify the rest of the web!

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