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An algorithm in general is a series of steps used to to automatically perform computations and other operations to produce a result; on the IndieWeb many standards have user-centric algorithms for peer to peer site interactions; social media silos have user-exploitative algorithms for advertising and reinforcing addictive behaviors.

IndieWeb Examples

Examples of IndieWeb building-blocks algorithms:

Social Media Examples

Social media silo algorithms exploit users under the guise of being helpful but are actually designed to keep users on their sites, encouraging them to return to their sites, get their friends on their sites, all in the end goal of getting users to view and interact with as much advertising as often as possible.


Is algorithm technical jargon

Q: Is 'algorithm' technical jargon?

  • A: Not any more. The word 'algorithm' came into common non-technical usage in the late 2010s as something social media does to you, algorithmic curation in general, and in particular the algorithmic feed of social media timelines. Previously 'algorithm' was primarily a computer science term.

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