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appearances is a page on some IndieWeb sites that lists external pages and media that mention or include the author or something they created in some form, by name, image or other likeness, an interview or quotes therefrom, photos or other media by the author perhaps as part of larger piece of content such as a news article.

If you’re looking for the general topic of visual appearance (of web sites & pages), see:

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has:


Tantek Çelik has an appearances page at:

Matthias Pfefferle

 Matthias Pfefferle has:

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Silo Examples

Broad Meaning

In practice, IndieWeb sites include different sets of things at "appearances" pages, from narrow to broad. There is not strict definition of what is considered an "appearance" or not, though there are plenty of possibilities and opinions on the matter.

See the What is an appearance or not brainstorming section for more thoughts (and add your own).


What is an appearance or not

Thoughts on what belongs in an appearances summary and what belongs elsewhere.

Ask yourself: are you the subject or are you the speaker/writer?

One measure: if you're the subject, then it's an appearance, if you're the speaker/writer, then it's a primary work and belongs on a different page.

Examples of appearances:

  • interviews (regardless of medium, written, audio/video/podcast)
  • documentaries that include your likeness (interviews are a form of this)
  • films (not created by you) where you are a subject, an actor, or even as yourself (e.g. your IMDB page, the "Known for:" section)
  • media (book, magazine, newspaper, livestream) mentions/clips of you, your work/inventions, or quotations/excerpts from your work
  • use of your photography as a featured photo, or the photo of the subject of an article
  • ...

Things that sound like or literally seem like "appearances" but are not in this meaning of the term and belong on a different page (noted inline)

How to organize

What are good ways to organize the items on an appearances page?


  • Strictly date-time / timeline?
  • Most recent first or oldest first?

Clustered by type of appearance then time-ordered? E.g.

  • interviews
  • talks given
  • use of photos in publications
  • quotes/references in publications

Do different media/events or significance deserve different lists? E.g.


  • in-person talks vs online talks (webinars?)
  • lightning / Ignite talks vs 45-90 minute talks vs longer masterclasses or workshops?
  • keynote talks vs parallel track talks
  • clustered by conferences then timeline ordered, or a timeline of all talks across conferences

Type vs medium:

  • podcast interview vs podcast guest (panelist)


  • audio/video interviews separate from written interviews
  • podcast (as part of a series of interviews of other people) appearances separate from a standalone audio/video interview
  • "continuous" / conversational (or edited to seem)
  • disjoint Q&A style but still with complete / relatively unedited whole sentences/paragraphs
  • excerpts / rephrased sentences or sentence fragments
  • solo, or as part of a small group, or interspersed with others
  • incidentally as part of or to help substantiate a larger article or book


  • print media vs online news articles
  • books vs magazines vs newspapers
  • links to your site
  • links to specific pages
  • only name mention
  • only a photo of you
  • embedding of a photo that you took

Possible approaches:

  • Maybe keep track of all appearances with all such attributes in a collection, then use that to curate a particular presentation on an /appearances page.

Tantek organizing thoughts

Tantek Çelik: considering a couple of approaches, for both sustainable capturing & archive, and presenting useful summaries.

  1. archive all appearances by year, time ordered, perhaps in a single static file, strictly time ordered for ease of discovery/navigation and relating time-adjacent appearances. Consider this canonical storage of this information.
  2. summary /appearances page with deliberate time-ordered subsections based on the some of the above questions, the sections themselves time-ordered inside, and deliberately ordered on the page from most prominent/notable to least, omitting old/out-of-date/minimal appearances

This way it's easy to add occurrences when they’re found, into a canonical spot for storage/archival, and there is quite a bit of freedom to curate, redesign, a summary of appearances.

List of things I’m thinking of including:

  • interviews
  • photography used in news articles
  • notable 3rd person mentions of self, site, or personal projects
  • ...

What goes in other sections. The following things, though "appearances" of a sort, are too close to primary source material to really be included in an "appearances" summary (or archives) and thus are either omitted, or in their own sections

  • presentations — have their own path/section
  • conference talks (both invited, and BarCamp-style sessions) — like presentations
  • events organized or attended — also a separate summary static file of h-events

Things that belong in a separate bibliography, perhaps both as a top level /bibliography summary, and collected/archived per year. These things that are primary source material even if edited, curated, hosted, or owned by external parties/sites:

  • books or magazine articles written, co-authored, contributed to, edited (typically owned/distributed by publishers)
  • news articles written, co-authored, contributed to — again owned/edited by external party/site
  • papers published in academic journals

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