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IndieWeb. Taking back your content with practical decentralization steps was a lightning talk at Decentralized Web Summit 2018.

๐Ÿ“บ watch video (YouTube, 8m44s)

IndieWeb practical dweb steps

  • Tantek ร‡elik
  • Mozilla Web Standards Lead
  • IndieWeb.org co-founder

original web

  • distributed

actual web

  • open client server

original web

  • centralized sites

social media silos

Why change?

Silo problems

  • loss of expressivity
  • loss of identity
  • loss of data (takedowns)
  • lose everything (site-deaths)

More silo problems

  • loss of focus
  • loss of time
  • loss of self-esteem
  • loss of reason
  • loss of civility
  • loss of safety

Use your site

personal sites plus

  • using personal sites
  • and social media silos

own your data


silo quits

distributed sites

  • #distributed #indieweb sites



  • #ownyourdata and
  • Publish on your
  • Own
  • Site
  • Syndicate
  • Elsewhere
  • #POSSE

POSSE examples


backfeed examples

Webmention microformats

  • #Webmention
  • + #microformats
  • = #p2p #indieweb
    • comments
    • likes
    • @-mentions
    • etc.

Webmention examples

Webmention spec

microformats2 spec

your first Webmention

Lightning Talk ended here

Rest of slides used as reference during Q&A



  • Publish
  • Elsewhere
  • Syndicate to your own
  • Own
  • Site
  • #PESOS

PESOS as service

PESOS Examples

backfeed as service

POSSE as service

More building blocks

Most recently

Get Started

User your #indieweb

  • User your #indieweb site
  • instead of social media
  • start being #dweb TODAY

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