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HWC West Coast Online 2020-05-27

  • Session: 6pm - 8pm, May 27th, 2020
  • Held on Zoom

Notes archived on 2020-05-28 from Etherpad at




  • George Kelly burned down my WP site, heavy teacup/quill use, torn between POSSE/PESOS silo approach
  • Kartik Prabhu hasn't been updating very often
    • Chris Aldrich pings request to to cache his own post and pages linked to in post
    • WordPress plugin: Broken Link Checker does a lot of the heavy lifting for finding and helping to potentially fix broken links
  • David Shanske demo of Simple Location in WordPress
    • now displays a choice of location icons for the activity happening and autosets it if it can
    • can look up Compass data for backposting but was never in Turkey
  • Sonia demoed a site where her mouse icon changes into a paw.


  • Will your website be there long after you are not there?
    • longevity
    • On the Media interview (WNYC): Janice Hume, author of Obituaries in American Culture, on the how obituaries will help historians make sense of our pandemic. listen
    • Selenium server-side screenshot caches of pages that angelo is replying to.
    • Firefox has ability to do screenshots
    • NY Times article Why You Should Start a Coronavirus Diary

Other suggested topics

  • code media fragments & marginalia (as documentation)
  • Retro/throwback posts