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THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE and horribly incomplete. It hasn't been touched in any significant way since 2013-06-28.

For any particular feature / building-block, see the "IndieWeb Examples" list on the wiki page for that feature.

For any particular project, see that projects own page for its list of what's supported.

For an overview of what IndieWeb features you should implement in what order, see:

Why out of date and incomplete

Why is this page out of date and horribly incomplete?

  • It's too hard to maintain (so no one bothers to)
  • Tables don't work well with the site CSS - this page is already clipping (at least) one column in the table.
  • Tables are not responsive (in the "responsive design" sense)

Instead, every time you implement a new IndieMark feature/level on your site:

  • add your self/project/site to the IndieWeb Examples section on that feature's wiki page
  • add the feature to your project's page on the wiki

Support Table

This table really ought to be somewhat ordered by the features described in IndieMark.

Site POSSE support Sending mentions Receiving comments Displaying comments Displaying note embeds/link previews Displaying reply-contexts
Running Converspace
share links for user-initiated POSSE to twitter, fb and g+ webmention (user-initiated), pingback (manually) webmention, pingback (using - including RSSB uf for like and repost, see [1]) Yes [2] not yet Yes [3] [4]
Running Falcon
notes to Twitter png, jpg, gif, wav, mp3, ogg, mp4, mov, ogv, youtube, vimeo (via cassis)
Running Ferocity
notes to Twitter
Running idno
notes to Twitter and Facebook, articles to Twitter and Facebook, images to Flickr and Facebook, checkins to Foursquare webmentions, pingbacks webmentions Yes [5] YouTube, images Yes
Running Jekyll
Manual pingbacks or webmentions so far. Webmention/Pingbacks via Possible via JS, no live implementations Possible via JS or manual formatting, no live implementations Possible via JS, no live implementations
Running p3k
notes to Twitter webmention, pingback webmention, pingback example yes, [6] [7]
Running Storytlr
Running Taproot
notes to Twitter webmention, pingback webmention, pingback yes, example cassis video+img+audio embeds, others manual e.g. Soundcloud yes, example
Running WordPress
webmention, pingback webmention, pingback yes OEmbed yes [8] [9]
Running unnamed
webmention, pingback webmention yes, example

Feel free to add new columns for more building blocks and features as we implement them!

Also consider adding yourself to microformats2 examples in the wild.

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