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A listing is a type of post that is an offer to buy/sell/rent/borrow/share/give an item of some sort, usually for some amount or range of money, sometimes time, sometimes for free or a minimal request (like send me a postcard).


You want to put an offer to buy / sell / rent / borrow / share / give something on your own site instead of depending on a silo like Craigslist.


How to markup

Markup your listing post with h-listing and use hashtags and POSSE for distribution.

How to respond

To respond to a listing post, post a reply of your own, indicating your interest, in-reply-to the listing post, and send a webmention to it.

IndieWeb Examples


Tantek Çelik occasionally publishes "free to a good home" photo posts with the hashtag #tpurgeproject for items (usually clothing) he is getting rid of, since at least 2015-12-30

Details of posts:

  • photo of the item(s)
  • hashtags #ThePurgeProject #purgeproject and #tpurgeprojectYYYY where YYYY is the current year.
  • special microformats beyond photo post markup
  • PESOSed from Instagram
  • Posts were POSSEd to Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes Flickr
  • replies sometimes on the Instagram asking for one or more items

Marty McGuire

On 2018-11-27 Marty McGuire posted several items up for grabs in A Blog Yard Sale (Blarg Sale).

  • Items were marked up as description list entries, no special microformats.
  • The post was POSSEd to Facebook, Twitter, and a couple of local mailing lists with instructions to contact Marty via his website to make requests.
  • Nearly all requests came in via email and were answered in the same way.
    • Most emails were from the mailing list recipients, who responded directly.
    • A handful of emails were from folks who found Marty's email info on his homepage.
  • Upon scheduling a pickup, the original post would be updated to strike through the name of the item and mark it as claimed.
  • Upon a successful pickup, the item would be commented out of the post.

Add yourself here… (see this for more details)

Silo Examples



POSSEing to Craigslist is likely the simplest POSSE destination for listing posts, and thus a good place to start.

How do you create a new post on Craigslist? Programmatically?

Can (may) a Craigslist post include a link to where a listing was originally posted?


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