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local comments are comments (sometimes called native comments) that are made directly (locally) on a post (like an article) in the UI of the site serving it, instead of posting a reply post on an indieweb site and sending a webmention.

IndieWeb Examples


Known (optionally) supports local comments using almost the same mechanism as comments received by webmentions. A local comment is given its own permalink URL, where it is the top-level item on the page, on the receiving site.

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill supports local comments on gregorlove.com (again) as of 2016-03-21. Local comments were accepted previously from 2002 to 2015. The hiatus was due to switching from Nucleus to ProcessWire and working on making local comments work more seamlessly with the ProcessWire webmention plugin.

  • Uses CSRF token protection.
  • Uses Akismet, logging likely spam comments; no comment moderation.
  • Uses an extra, hidden form input to prevent spam. If the form field is filled in, the comment is rejected with HTTP 403.

News Media Examples

(stub section)

There are still many online news media sites that accept local comments. Please note them below in one subsection per organization.

Dropped local comments

Some sites have explicitly made the decision to drop local comments, for various reasons.


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